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About us

Hester's Life started out in 2016, in the founder's hometown Veszprém.

„Our misson was - and still is - to make products which can be communicated honestly and satisfy genuine needs. Products which we ourselves were looking for, but couldn't find in any stores. Something which is creative, exciting, new in appearance and valuable in it's contents. Our credo, which is to show our table of contents bravely and proudly, shows our vision and attitude towards food products that support a healthy lifestyle.” – Eszter Porkoláb, owner and dietitian.

Hester's Life products make healthy and conscious diets simple without compromises. Our products contain no added sugar, gluten, milk or soy. They can be taken by people living with food intolerance or alergies, or by those who simply feel better without these ingredients in their everyday diet. Our recipes and product development done by a dietitian is the proof that a free-from-all granola and muesli can be enjoyed just as much as other cereals.