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Hester's Life Oat flour ingredients

Oat flour

Választható ízek:
100% Rolled oats
Plain oatmeal
Ground date

Product description

We would like to provide conscious bakers with a perfect ingredient for their healthy cakes in the form of our premium quality Oat Flour.

The flour is milled from gluten free rolled oats and is rich in fibers. It is a must-have in any health-conscious kitchen. Using it is practically just as simple as using wheat flour. We can use it in our personal specialty cake or in any dessert, for a gravy or a roux.

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Oat flour (gluten free rolled oats)

Average nutrition value100g0g
(1 portion)
0g in RI* % of product
Energy1660 kj / 396 kcal0 kj / 0 kcal0.0%
Fat6.6 g0.0 g0.0%
- of which saturated fat1.4 g0.0 g0.0%
Carbohydrate68 g0.0 g0.0%
- of which of sugar0.6 g0.0 g0.0%
Fiber14 g0.0 g0.0%
Protein15 g0.0 g0.0%
Salt9.00 g0.00 g0.00%

How to have it

Every great cake starts out as a great sponge-cake!

Let us show you an awesome recipe, which will give you a cake that looks good, tastes great, is deliciously conscious.

Sponge cake

Ingredients (for a 20cm cake-pan)

  • 80g Hester's Life Oat Flour
  • 80g Hester's Life Ground Date
  • 4 eggs
  • 80g water
  • 20g cocoa powder (for the cocoa version)
  • 1 pack of baking powder
  • A pinch of salt
  • A few drops of lemon juice


  1. Heat oven to 180C.
  2. Seperate the eggs.
  3. Beat the egg whites with the lemon juice into hard foam.
  4. Stir the ground date, the egg yolks with a pinch of salt and with the water until foamy.
  5. Add the oat flour, cocoa powder and baking powder to it.
  6. Finally, mix the beaten egg whites to it gently.
  7. Pad the cake-pan with baking paper and smoothly fill it with the paste.
  8. Bake for 35 minutes at 180C.
  9. Can be filled with any cream after it is cooled.

How to make it at home